Master's Programme in Life Science Technologies

Master's Programme in Life Science Technologies offers a multidisciplinary curriculum focusing on important aspects of current biomedical research, covering fields such as biological data analysis and modeling, advanced biomaterials and bioelectronics, biomedical engineering and neuroscience.

The programme has altogether six majors out of which the Department of Computer Science offers two. The majors are related to the department's research areas of Digital Health, Data Science and Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Probabilistic Modelling, and Complex Systems

Bioinformatics and Digital Health

Studies in the Bioinformatics and Digital Health cover a wide range of topics in bioinformatics and computational systems biology. To better understand the methodological basis commonly used in the field, the major will provide students with a comprehensive background in probabilistic modeling, machine learning and data science. Read more >>

Complex Systems

Complex Systems is a transdisciplinary research area that builds on statistical physics, computer science, data science, and applied mathematics. The major in Complex Systems provides the students with tools to understand systems with large numbers of interacting elements, from the human brain to social networks and from living to technological systems. Read more >>

Honours Programme

High-performing students from both majors can be selected to the department’s Honours Programme giving them a possibility to work part-time in a research group during the MSc studies.

Doctoral track

Both majors offer also a competitive doctoral track where a limited number of top students can be admitted. Students selected to the doctoral track can have their studies tailored towards pursuing PhD studies and can start working towards a PhD in one of the department’s research groups already during their Master studies.

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