STRATUS Research Group

Strategic Usability Research Group STRATUS is doing research and providing teaching in usability engineering and user-centred design. Our focus is in the human actors that are surrounded by the technical systems and services. In general, we study how humans can cope with the all-the-time growing technological complexity around them.

The aim in our research is to uncover the user’s needs, capabilities, expectations and experiences that affect the usage of products and consumption of services. This information is then transformed and used in product and service development.

Central concepts in our research have been throughout the years usability and user-centred design. STRATUS has a long academic history in usability research starting from the early 1990′s ending to recent studies on user experience. Our research makes use of methods from controlled laboratory studies to experimental field techniques the emphasis being on qualitative studies. Interaction analysis of information appliances in our refurnished iLab (previous usability lab) provides good facilities both for student works as well as basic and applied research in our research projects. Our research and teaching offers methods and tools for user involvement to be applied by service and technology developers’ and companies’ use.


Research projects

STRATUS is working actively in several research projects. Due to the nature of the research domain (usability, user-centred design, user experience, collaborative computing), the applications cover a wide range of different industries. Our research spans over several application domains and the studies address issues that approach towards basic understanding of human activities around interactive products and services.

We are actively and constantly preparing new research initiatives. Due to this, we are always interested in collaboration with academic and industrial partners.

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