Software and Service Engineering

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    Marjo Kauppinen

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    Casper Lassenius

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    Martti Mäntylä

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    Marko Nieminen

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    Kari Smolander

In software engineering, we study the activities and processes that create artifacts, as well as the actual artifacts created. Our research is grounded in industrial practice, and use multiple research approaches including empirical, constructive, iterative, participatory, multidisciplinary and user driven methodologies.

In software service engineering, we go one step further to study commercial activities, where the value chains and business models aim at producing, buying and selling products or services in which software is an essential part of the value creation and merchandise.

Software and service engineering research is carried out in three research groups:

- PREAGO focusing on the software artifacts, product families, variability and requirements engineering

- SPRG focusing on the process and activities, including large-scale agile software development, global software engineering, and software testing and quality assurance

- STRATUS focusing on usability engineering covering user-centred design, user experience research, as well as the development of user interfaces


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