Security and Privacy

Security and privacy research covers the full breadth of contemporary research topics and the full spectrum from theory to application. Our systems security research aims to design systems that are secure, easy to use, and inexpensive to deploy, encompassing the endpoint devices (platform security), applications and services (applications security), and the ways in which they communicate (protocols security). In collaboration with the Dept. of Mathematics and Systems Analysis, our cryptography research focuses on foundational problems and their impact on systems and standards. We research the use of formal methods as theoretical tools for analysing security and privacy properties. Building on the Department’s strengths in machine learning, we investigate the use of machine learning for new security and privacy applications, as well as the security and privacy of machine learning itself. Overall, our research aims to provide both a fundamental understanding of security and privacy issues, and practical solutions to enhance the security and privacy of real-world systems.





N. Asokan

Information security, privacy, pervasive computing and communications


Tuomas Aura

Information security, privacy, pervasive computing and communications


Chris Brzuska



Mario Di Francesco

wireless networking, mobile and ubiquitous computing, Internet of Things


Juha Karhunen

machine learning, neural networks, applications of machine learning


Samuel Kaski

machine learning, probabilistic modelling, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, computational medicine, user interaction, brain signal analysis


Stavros Tripakis

formal methods, system design, cyber-physical systems



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