Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning, the core technology underlying many recent breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI), is one of the strengths of Aalto University, with a long history starting from neural network pioneers Teuvo Kohonen and Erkki Oja. Today, AI is rapidly changing the society, and our mission is to contribute to the change with key technologies to seize the opportunities. We are in an excellent position to do so with our critical mass of expertise, not only in machine learning but also other key technologies in computational logic, algorithms, data science, and with our effective collaboration network with other fields in Aalto and internationally. The department is a key player in the Finnish Centre for Artificial Intelligence FCAI being launched and in the AI initiatives being launched by the Finnish Government.






Rohit Babbar

large scale learning, extreme multi-label classification, deep learning, optimization


Aristides Gionis

data mining, graph mining, social-network analysis, social media analysis


Alex Jung

statistical learning theory, compressed sensing, big data, compressed sensing, complex networks, convex optimization, graphical models, distributed algorithms, information theory, dimensionality reduction, statistical physics 


Juha Karhunen

machine learning, neural networks, applications of machine learning


Samuel Kaski

machine learning, probabilistic modelling, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, computational medicine, user interaction, brain signal analysis


Kai Puolamäki

explorative data analysis, randomization, machine learning


Juho Rousu

Predicting structured data, kernel methods, computational biology, machine learning


Aki Vehtari

Bayesian inference, probabilistic modeling, machine learning



Information security, privacy, pervasive computing and communications


Aristides Gionis

data mining, graph mining, social network analysis


Keijo Heljanko

distributed systems, cloud computing, big data, distributed computing


Eero Hyvönen

semantic web, linked open data, artificial intelligence, web technologies


Tomi Janhunen

computational logic, automated reasoning, constraints, constraint-based optimization, learning logical representations from data


Juho Kannala

Computer vision, machine learning


Kimmo Kaski

computational science, statistical physics, complex systems and networks, social networks, computational social science


Petteri Kaski

algorithm theory, exact and parameterized algorithms, algebraic algorithms, algorithm engineering


Jaakko Lehtinen

computer graphics, physically-based image synthesis, appearance capture, realistic image synthesis 


Harri Lähdesmäki

bioinformatics, probabilistic modelling, machine learning, systems biology


Ilkka Niemelä

computational logic, constraints, machine learning, automated reasoning, constraint-based optimization, verification and testing


Jukka Suomela

algorithms, theoretical computer science, distributed and parallel computing, digital humanities


Tapio Takala

computer graphics and animation, new interaction technologies, multimodal interaction, social media


Stavros Tripakis

formal methods, system design, cyber-physical systems




Related Units and Centers


Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI

Former: COIN Centre of Excellence



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