Human-Computer Interaction, Games, Graphics and Audio


The area 'Human-Computer Interaction, Games, Graphics, and Audio' is very wide and covers fields ranging from studies of human behavior to highly technical ones, but in all those fields interplay of humans and technology is of importance. Professor Lauri Savioja is the representative of the research area.

We have two professors, Tapio Takala and David McGookin, working in the HCI area. Their focus is in experimental and multimodal user interfaces.

In Computer Games our focus is on new interaction techniques and game concepts. The showreel of this group headed by professor Perttu Hämäläinen gives a short but impressive glimpse on the most recent research. Our games education is done in tight collaboration with Aalto ARTS Medialab.

The main applications of our computer graphics research are in computer games and in the film industry. Current computer graphics research problems are centered in photorealistic rendering and appearance capture. The computer graphics group is headed by professor Jaakko Lehtinen.

Juho Kannala has specialized in computer vision. His research group is studying problems in geometric computer vision and semantic image analysis. The research has also connections to other areas, like robotics and machine learning.

The Virtual Acoustics group led by professors Tapio Lokki and Lauri Savioja aims to enable construction of acoustically more pleasing environments. This work includes, e.g., studies on perception of concert hall acoustics, novel room acoustics measurement and analysis techniques, modeling of room acoustics, and audio augmented reality.

The Social Interaction and Emotion group is a joint group between the CS department and University of Helsinki, led by professor Niklas Ravaja. The mission of the group is to increase our understanding of ICT-mediated social interaction.

The Ubiquitous Interaction group is a joint group between the CS department and University of Helsinki, led by professor Giulio Jacucci. The group contributes to research in human-computer interaction, adaptivite and affective interfaces, multimodal interaction, exploratory search and social computing.

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