Distributed Systems, Mobile Computing and Security

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    N. Asokan

  • Tuomas_Aura_220_150.jpg

    Tuomas Aura

  • MariodiFrancesco_220_150.jpg

    Mario Di Francesco

  • FramlingKary_220_150.jpg

    Kary Främling

  • HeljankoKeijo_220_150.jpg

    Keijo Heljanko

  • Nurminen_Jukka_220_150.jpg

    Jukka K. Nurminen

  • Yla-Jaaski_Antti_220_150.jpg

    Antti Ylä-Jääski


The research area Distributed Systems, Mobile Computing and Security spans from mobile networking and communications to distributed computing and Big Data. Such topics are extremely important and we expect they will dominate the ICT sector in the next five years. Professor Antti Ylä-Jääski is the representative of the research area.

We have four professors working in the Mobile Computing and Distributed Systems research area: Mario Di Francesco, Keijo Heljanko, Jukka K. Nurminen and Antti Ylä-Jääski.

We envision the accelerated convergence of mobile and cloud computing technologies, and the maturation of big data in the coming years. Compute-intensive technologies like natural language processing, computer vision, 3D computer graphics, and machine learning will be widely applied in the emerging mobile applications.

Furthermore, the focus of mobile sensing will shift from individual sensing towards crowdsensing, and the usage of data-intensive sensors such as cameras will increase rapidly, along with the pervasive availability of intelligent wearable devices such as Google Glasses. Accordingly, we are extending our current research on energy-efficient mobile computing, distributed cloud computing, and the Internet of Things, to solve the challenges posed by the emerging mobile systems, applications, and services.

Senior research staff and lecturers in the Mobile Computing and Distributed Systems research area: PhD Arto Karila, PhD Dmitry Lagutin, PhD Ming Li, PhD Sakari Luukkainen, PhD Matti Siekkinen and PhD Yu Xiao.

There are two professors, N. Asokan and Tuomas Aura, working in Security and Privacy.

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