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    Aristides Gionis

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    Perttu Hämäläinen

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    Kimmo Kaski

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The subarea is based in Aalto on combining the world-class research activities in ICT by Aalto and in medicine and biology by the University of Helsinki and the research of partners, such as the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (HUS). By this combination, we are developing a globally leading research cluster. 

The research in this thematic research area focusses on the following topics (links mainly to research group presentations in SlideShare): 

In addition the following affiliated topics belong to the research area (links to SlideShare presentations):

Major initiatives and Projects related to the thematic research area:

  • Molecular Systems Immunology and Physiology Research (Symmys) (2011-2017). Center of Excellence Funded by the Academy of Finland
  • Computational Inference Research (COIN) (2011-2017) . Center of Excelllence Funded by the Academy of Finland
  • Living Factories (LiF) (2014-2016). Tekes strategic opening in Synthetic Biology
  • Health Capital Cluster (2015-2016) - Project funded by Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation
  • Data-Driven Decision Support for Digital Health (2016-2017). Project funded by Academy of Finland

We are part of Aalto Health Platform and participate in the Health Capital Helsinki initiative.

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