Programming Parallel Computers

Programming Parallel Computers is a practical hands-on course on algorithm engineering for modern parallel computers. The students will learn how to design programs that make the best possible use of the computing power of multicore CPUs and GPUs. This is a new and highly popular course; in spring 2016 the course attracted more than 100 participants.

Visibility and networking opportutinities for partners

Companies and partners are welcome to use this course to promote topics that they find important and that might be otherwise underrepresented in the curriculum. Our partners can, for example, suggest optional exercise problems, and we will then collaborate with the partners to define the exact problem statement and turn it into an optional exercise problem that our students can solve.

The sponsors can offer awards for the best students who have designed the most efficient solution for the exercises, and this can also take the form of e.g. hosting a visit for the best students. Partners can this way make direct contacts with the top students who know how to make the most out of modern computers.

Contacts: Jukka Suomela, jukka.suomela [at] aalto [dot] fi

Duration: April-May

Size of the students group: 1 student

Application period for a sponsor: March

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