Computer Science Research Day 12.10.2017

Research Day was jointly organized by the departments of Computer Science and Communications and Networking

CS Research Day was held in Computer Science building on Thursday 12th October. This was the second time when the event took place. The key idea of the event is to familiarize current research conducted in the departments in an easily approachable manner. This year’s event was especially targeted for first year students, as it was closely linked to recently launched student-professor mentoring program led by the School of Science.

Assistant Professor Mikko Kivelä opened the event in the great lecture hall T1, and keynote presentations were followed by an informal get-together session including interesting demos, posters, and pitch talks.

See the video of the event.

Keynote presentations:

N. AsokanSystems Security Research
Stavros Tripakis The Science of Software
Perttu HämäläinenOn empowerment, curiosity, and AI
Riku Jäntti “Comnet Research”
Aris GionisNetworks Over Time
Eero HyvönenSemantic Web and Digital Humanities

Pitch talks:

Jussi Rintanen "Synthesis of Software Systems"
Abheeshta Putta "Scaling agile in large scale"
Alexander Jung "Machine Learning for Big Data over Networks"
Pekka Nikander "Printing peer-to-peer money to change the economy and industry"
Andrew Paverd "Platform Security: Protecting the things that run your code"
Jian Liu "Oblivious Neural Network Predictions"
Kiran Garimella "Polarization on Social Media"
Arijus Pleska "Bayesian optimisation in Approximate Bayesian Computation"
Talayeh Aledavood "Data Collection Experiments: Studying Human Behavioral Patterns"
Jussi Gillberg "Machine learning in agriculture"

Demos and Posters

See the lists of the 16 demos and 46 posters which were on display on the lobby areas and bridges of CS building.

Research Day turned out to be a successful way to improve communication between the students and researchers, and expand students’ vision on the field of computer science. The event was useful also for research groups to present and discuss their activities with other researchers – it is not always clear for researchers what the others in the neighborhood are currently working on. “This year’s event was a true success, and we will organize the event also next year”, says Professor Jari Saramäki from the organizing team.

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