The endless possibilities of digitalisation

2. joulukuu 2016

Recordings of the eight Internet Forum public lecture series of autumn 2016 lectures are available for viewing.

Science and art

WarSampo nominated for cultural heritage prize

30. marraskuu 2016

The European Union Prizes for Cultural Heritage will be awarded by Plácido Domingo in May 2017 in Turku.


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Getting to know technologies of future knowledge work

24. marraskuu 2016

The Academic Initiative programme makes IBM’s technologies and course materials available to teaching and research at the university for free.

Cooperation Studies

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Development of digitalisation motivates research in the field

17. marraskuu 2016

Technologies that enable digitalisation will be on show in Helsinki in August.

Science and art

Ways to participate in game theory experiments aiming to create a simulator of human behavior

15. marraskuu 2016

The aim of the vast pioneering study is to apply the simulation to a robot or recreate the actions of large groups of people.


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Lauri Kokkila was awarded as the top student of Data Visualisation course at the University of Auckland

10. marraskuu 2016

Professor Michael D. Myers wanted to hand over the diploma himself.


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The usability of electronic health record systems did not improve in four years

10. marraskuu 2016

Progress has been made in individual functionalities, but the overall grade continues to be at an adequate level.

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Cesar Pereida Garcia wins the Finnish Information Security Association’s Master’s thesis competition

10. marraskuu 2016

Pereida Garcia and co-authors discovered attacks against widely used cryptographic libraries.


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The late Professor Leo Ojala studied digital technology as early as the beginning of the 1970s

4. marraskuu 2016

Ojala challenged young researchers and students to in-depth scientific thinking while remaining there to support them.


Preethi Lahoti feels very privileged to be part of the Data Mining research group

28. lokakuu 2016

Honours programme student Preethi Lahoti conducts research in graph mining and social-networks analysis.


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Regression modelling reconstructs weather forecasts for the past from animal teeth

27. lokakuu 2016

Research data was collected from Kenyan national parks over the past 60 years, combined with traits of the teeth of herbivorous mammals.


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Honours programme student Alexandru Mara is learning signals from huge network graphs

27. lokakuu 2016

Majority of the honours programme students are specialized in the machine learning, data mining and probabilistic modelling research area.


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Van Linh Nguyen has joined the honours programme in computer science

27. lokakuu 2016

15 exceptionally qualified Master’s students from all over the world will have hands-on experience in the actual computer science research.

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Aalto University ranked 60th in Computer Science

26. lokakuu 2016

Also business and economics and space sciences reached the top 100 list in the US News' global ranking.


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The latest installation lectures available on video

19. lokakuu 2016

Aalto University's newly tenured professors reveal the secrets of aesthetics, biohybrid materials and wireless world, among other things.

Science and art

Aalto University Computer Science placed 79 in the NTU ranking

11. lokakuu 2016

Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering in the top 100

Science and art

Wolt buys you food and time

7. lokakuu 2016

Founder's Talk with Juhani Mykkänen


Schools of technology will hold the third joint Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees

7. lokakuu 2016

The doctors and honorary doctors to be conferred will be accepted as members of the technical science community.


Six new research projects starting

6. lokakuu 2016

Research areas represented are security, mobile and semantic computing, Industrial Internet, information retrieval and enterprise system development.


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Model checking verifies the correctness of nuclear power plant safety systems

5. lokakuu 2016

The study utilises model checking to address the insufficiencies of testing and simulation in the verification of safety systems.


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Open vacancy: Tenure Track Professor in Machine Learning

3. lokakuu 2016

Keywords include statistical machine learning, probabilistic modelling, Bayesian inference, kernel methods, computational statistics or deep learning.


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Under debate - quantum computing already studied in Finland

30. syyskuu 2016

A unique programming course for the D-Wave quantum computer makes use of refrigeration technology developed at Aalto University.

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A team of Aalto won the TekesHack Design Contest with their semantic engine

29. syyskuu 2016

Semantic matching algorithm can be utilized to find related documents in a wide range of applications.


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Three students from Aalto University selected to Huawei’s Seeds for the Future programme

27. syyskuu 2016

The students will familiarise themselves with the most recent innovations at the company’s headquarters.


Augmented Climbing Wall gets 25 million views in the social media

21. syyskuu 2016

The recent video of the spinoff from the gaming research lab has gathered unrivaled popularity in the social media.


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