New Assistant Professor Mikko Kivelä


in the field of Computational Science, especially complex systems


Doctor of Science (Tech) Mikko Kivelä has been appointed 1.4.2017 Assistant Professor (1st term) in the field of Computational Science, especially complex systems. Mikko defended his doctoral thesis in Aalto University and before his current position he worked as a postdoctoral scholar at the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford.  

Mikko's research field is network science which studies systems where a large number of elements interact with each other in a non-trivial way.  "Social systems are a good example: they consist of multiple elements (people) that are interacting with each other (social relationships) and lead to some very complex emergent behaviour (social groups, societies, conflicts, etc.). " Mikko's research is focused on generalised network representations where, for example, links between the elements have different weights, are changing in time, or have multiple types. "I like my science interdisciplinary, data big, and models simple."

Mikko, congratulations and welcome!