Leading trends in AI – a new weekly minisymposium

20. maaliskuu 2018

Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI launches a series of minisymposia on leading trends in Finnish AI research.


School of Science dissertation awards 2018

14. maaliskuu 2018

The doctoral dissertation awards 2018 were presented 9 March at the traditional Get-together for doctoral candidates.


The technology sector is more versatile than girls in middle school had thought

9. maaliskuu 2018

A strong basic degree as well as language and communication skills are central in working life.

Studies Science and art

AI application for treatment of gestational diabetes

7. maaliskuu 2018

AI allows individualized predictions for expectant mothers and newborn children. The aim of the individual recommendations is a positive experience for the user combined with activity that is beneficial for the glucose level.

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  • Health
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Social support improves the results of online courses

6. maaliskuu 2018

Despite the results, researchers don't recommend using friends as learning support. This kind of support from friends can lead to superficial learning and prevent the development of skills.

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  • online_learning
  • online_course
  • data_science
  • mooc

Rid of routine coding – AI automates the construction of large information systems

6. maaliskuu 2018

A new technology under development will bring down development costs so much that complex systems can be built from scratch.

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Professor emerita Kaisa Nyberg receives Finnish Cultural Foundation award

28. helmikuu 2018

Kaisa Nyberg was awarded for effective protection of information and secure communication.

Honored Science and art

  • cryptology
  • privacy
  • mathematics

Love and fear are visible across the brain instead of being restricted to any brain region

14. helmikuu 2018

The brain mechanisms of basic emotions such as anger and happiness are fairly similar across people. Differences are greater in social emotions, such as gratitude and contempt.

Science and art

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  • brainscience

Parallel computing to assist in the control and quality control of steel furnaces

7. helmikuu 2018

The results of Christian Westerlund's Master's thesis promote the productivity of the steel industry. The thesis is based on multidisciplinary studies at Aalto University.

Studies Science and art

  • steel_industry
  • parallel_computing
  • functional_materials
  • computer_science

Half a million euros in donations for a new Information Networks Professor at Aalto

10. tammikuu 2018

Aalto University will use the funds to establish a new Professor of Practice for the Information Networks degree programme.

Press releases Cooperation

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Extensive strategic cooperation between Nokia and Aalto University

4. tammikuu 2018

The areas of partnership include artificial intelligence and data networks.


Artificial Intelligence Day attracted 600 people fascinated by AI

19. joulukuu 2017

The Artificial Intelligence Day brought together researchers, companies and the public sector involved in the fast-developing field of AI.

Cooperation Science and art

Huawei and F-Secure will donate to student scholarships through the Helsinki-Aalto Center for Information Security HAIC

18. joulukuu 2017

The goal is to attract the best students worldwide to meet the acute and growing need for information security professionals.

Science and art Studies

  • Cloud_Computing
  • Cyber_Security

Night owls have larger social networks than early birds

7. joulukuu 2017

Data and traces of our mobile phone use and digital behaviour can be used to understand and treat mental health disorders.

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Conflicting views on social media balanced by an algorithm

5. joulukuu 2017

Selected influential users can efficiently spread information on both sides of a controversial discussion.

Science and art

  • data_mining
  • algorithm

Nokia Foundation Recognition Award to Finland's pioneer in artificial intelligence, Aalto professor Erkki Oja

23. marraskuu 2017

The award was granted to Erkki Oja, Professor Emeritus from Aalto University, for his pioneering work in machine learning, pattern recognition and neural networks.

Honored Science and art

All of Finland's war cemeteries and fallen soldiers in the WarSampo online application

22. marraskuu 2017

Open data of all of Finland’s casualties in WWII compiled in a unique semantic web application.

Science and art

  • semantic_web
  • sotasampo
  • open_data
  • big_data

Social schedules should follow the natural daylight patterns

22. marraskuu 2017

Scientists conducted “reality mining” of anonymous mobile phone records from about one million people.

Science and art

  • computer_science
  • complex_systems

Almost three million euro Erasmus Mundus funding for information security master’s programme

16. marraskuu 2017

The European Commission has granted €2.9M funding for SECCLO – Master’s Programme in Security and Cloud Computing starting in 2018.

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Europe’s largest hackathon Junction takes over Aalto University

16. marraskuu 2017

Aalto’s main building Dipoli will turn into a giant hackathon community on 24–26 November. Over 1400 coders and designers from all over the world will come together to solve real-life challenges.

Campus Press releases Science and art Studies

Master’s student Daniel Bruzual successfully combined software containers with Internet of Things

1. marraskuu 2017

Bruzual presented his research on the Internet of Things at the Docker conference.

Studies Science and art

  • internet_of_things
  • software

ProDE game opens the way to the world of directed evolution

30. lokakuu 2017

Master’s students Lassi Vapaakallio and Laura Laakso constructed a game about last year's Millenium Technology Prize winner Frances Arnold’s directed evolution technology. The game was commissioned and funded by TAF, Technology Academy Finland.

Science and art Cooperation

  • ProDE
  • directed_evolution
  • game

Recent graduate Klaudia Krawiecka received the 2017 national information security Master thesis of the year award

27. lokakuu 2017

Klaudia’s thesis introduced a new technique that uses widely available trusted hardware for protecting user’s passwords and other sensitive data on the web.

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Aalto's Computer Science placed 47th in the US News ranking

25. lokakuu 2017

Economics and Business and Space Science also made it to the top 100.


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  • rankings

Aalto University and the University of Helsinki join forces in artificial intelligence research

23. lokakuu 2017

The objective of the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence is to make Finland a leading country in artificial intelligence research and its utilisation.

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