Aalto University and GE Healthcare expand their cooperation

17. elokuu 2017

The areas of cooperation include healthcare data analytics and artificial intelligence as well as start-up activities.

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New statistical model effectively predicts the toxicity of pharmaceutical molecules

10. elokuu 2017

A statistical component model can be used to identify associations between chemicals and toxicological effects.

  • nature_communications
  • medical_science
  • machine_learning
  • data_science

WarSampo won the Open Data Prize in the 2017 LODLAM Challenge

4. heinäkuu 2017

The WarSampo team was recognized for making cultural heritage material openly available in a linked open data project.

Science and art Honored

  • computer_science
  • Semantic_Search_Interface

Machine learning to increase efficiency of farming by predicting the interaction between the plant and environment

28. kesäkuu 2017

Machine learning methods will be tested in arable farming, greenhouse cultivation and plant breeding.

Science and art

  • cultivation
  • agriculture
  • farming
  • tekes
  • machine_learning
  • machinelearning

Digital self helps in getting to know new people

12. kesäkuu 2017

In face-to-face digital interaction, the objective is to share information about oneself primarily outside social media.

Science and art

  • digital_self
  • hci
  • digi

Laughter releases endorphins in the brain

1. kesäkuu 2017

The laughter-induced release of endorphins may be an important mechanism that supports the formation of social networks.

Science and art

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Academy Professor Samuel Kaski takes part in shaping Finland’s AI future

26. toukokuu 2017

Professor Kaski is a member of the new steering group preparing a proposal for Finland’s artificial intelligence programme.


  • artificial_intelligence
  • computer_science

Professor in acoustics Tapio Lokki named AES Fellow

23. toukokuu 2017

Professor Lokki is promoted for bringing sensory evaluation to research of concert hall acoustics.

Science and art

  • concert_hall_acoustics
  • aes
  • acoustics

Child patients value warm encounters; parents support and smooth day to day life

23. toukokuu 2017

Patient experiences at the Children's Hospital have a wide ranging impact on the family’s daily life outside the hospital too.

Science and art Press releases

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  • hci

The Director of HELDIG and Professor Eero Hyvönen is Norssi of the Year

12. toukokuu 2017

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Norssi, the Semantic Computing Research Group has digitised Norssi’s old registers.

Honored Other

  • sotasampo
  • semantic_computing

Aalto gains eight new Academy Research Fellows

12. toukokuu 2017

Half of Aalto's new Academy Research Fellows work in applied physics.

Science and art

Supercomputer can disprove the theory of sunspot formation

10. toukokuu 2017

A group of researchers believes that contrary to a common model sunspots form near the Sun's surface.

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Digitalization, innovation ecosystems and expert judgements explored at an international conference

4. toukokuu 2017

The Building Expertise for Innovation conference brought together researchers, decision-makers and industry.

Science and art

  • Expert_jugdement
  • digitalization
  • Innovation

Assistant Professor Mikko Kivelä studies multilayer networks

3. toukokuu 2017

The aim is to describe certain, more complex phenomena more realistically than before.


  • computer_science
  • complex_systems
  • assistant_professor

Computers learn to understand humans better by modelling them

3. toukokuu 2017

Computers are able to learn to explain the behavior of individuals by tracking their glances and movements.

Science and art

Winning application allows easy streaming on different devices

27. huhtikuu 2017

Quality award-winning student group created an application that creates added value for customers.

Studies Honored Science and art Cooperation

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  • computer_science

Second application round for the CCIS Master's programme lasts until 3 May

21. huhtikuu 2017

The six majors in the programme seek IT experts to study for a Master of Science in Technology degree.


  • computer_security
  • communications_engineering
  • Computer_Communication_and_Information_Sciences
  • CCIS
  • computer_science

Libertas wins DataBusiness Challenge competition

11. huhtikuu 2017

Libertas seeks to improve unemployment situation by using augmented intelligence.

Science and art

  • open_data
  • Semantic_Search_Interface

Conference digs into the effects of digital disruption

10. huhtikuu 2017

Companies and researchers will meet and interact in the coming scientific conference at Aalto Design Factory.

Science and art

  • digitalisation

Algorithms can exploit human perception in graph design

5. huhtikuu 2017

Algorithms can now exploit models and measures of human perception to generate scatterplot designs.

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  • algorithm

Brain researchers move conference to Twitter

30. maaliskuu 2017

Follow #brainTC 20 April 2017 for recent advances in neuroscience.

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Funding for research on child language experiences and medieval & renaissance manuscripts

29. maaliskuu 2017

The international Digging into Data programme combines the humanities with technology.

Science and art

IEEE Conference introduces technologies that enable digitalisation

28. maaliskuu 2017

Companies and hundreds of researchers of the field meet in a scientific conference in August in Helsinki.


International Workshop on Machine Learning for Material Science attracted a multidisciplinary audience to Otaniemi

24. maaliskuu 2017

The workshop attracted roughly 90 early-stage researchers and scientists as well as industry personnel from ten countries.

Science and art

  • mlms
  • material_science
  • machine_learning
  • AScI

Dissertation awards 2016 to Enrico Glerean, Miika Aittala and Jonne Koski

24. maaliskuu 2017

The best doctoral dissertations of the School of Science were awarded at the traditional Get Together meeting of doctoral candidates.

Honored Science and art

  • get_together
  • dissertation_award
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