New algorithm identifies gene transfers between different bacterial species

24. helmikuu 2017

Gene transfers are particularly common in the antibiotic-resistance genes of Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria.

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Emotional expressions of love and loathing clearly differ in motions

22. helmikuu 2017

Social eMotions research project of Aalto University culminates in an interactive dance performance.

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Algorithm can create a bridge between Clinton and Trump supporters

16. helmikuu 2017

Twitter case study aims to minimize the controversies.

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Finland wants to be world’s number one in artificial intelligence

9. helmikuu 2017

Samuel Kaski, Professor in Machine Learning, who participated in Prime Minister Sipilä’s panel on artificial intelligence likes the challenge.

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Election candidates engage in battles also in social media

2. helmikuu 2017

An extensive analysis of online material showed that the voter is in danger of being forgotten when candidates have a go at each other.

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The smart crane and first research topics presented at the Industrial Internet Campus

27. tammikuu 2017

Research topics include high precision lifting and user identification.

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Nokia’s newest network technology to the Industrial Internet Campus

23. tammikuu 2017

Nokia’s aim is to accelerate the adoption of IoT solutions by supporting collaboration that promotes innovation.


Scholarships for the most promising information security students

19. tammikuu 2017

F-Secure, Intel and Nixu partner with Helsinki-Aalto Center for Information Security HAIC in response to high demand for information security experts.

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Students develop new innovations for a smart crane

17. tammikuu 2017

Students and researchers develop new products and solutions at the Industrial Internet Campus using the open interfaces and data from the crane.

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First students graduate from the Master’s Programme in Life Science Technologies

16. tammikuu 2017

The Master’s programme offers a host of interesting hands-on courses to choose from.


  • Life_science_technologies
  • complex_systems

Artificial intelligence brings efficiency to processing pictures and sound

13. tammikuu 2017

Deep neural networks enable the opening of image layers and distinguishing between audio signals.


  • artificial_intelligence
  • robot
  • department_of_computer_science

ELFI: Engine for Likelihood-Free Inference facilitates more effective simulation

4. tammikuu 2017

The Engine for Likelihood-Free Inference is open to everyone, and it can help significantly reduce the number of simulator runs.

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A new mutation mechanism was found in human and bacterial genomes

21. joulukuu 2016

The genome’s rapid mutation can affect the resistance of bacteria.

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Risto Sarvas receives School of Science teaching award

20. joulukuu 2016

Adjunct Professor Risto Sarvas from the Department of Computer Science is an inspiring and energetic teacher, who values his students.

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Riitta Katila named School of Science Alumna of the Year

19. joulukuu 2016

Professor Riitta Katila is an expert in corporate innovation activities, growth and development.

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Professor N. Asokan named an IEEE Fellow

15. joulukuu 2016

IEEE elevates Professor N. Asokan to the status of IEEE Fellow, the highest member grade of the institute.

  • department_of_computer_science

Doctoral track takes Bachelor’s students directly into PhD studies

12. joulukuu 2016

The Doctoral track is available in three majors: Machine Learning and Data Mining, Bioinformatics and Complex Systems.


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  • data_mining
  • bioinformatics
  • machine_learning

Aalto University becomes collaboration partner in the DARIAH network of digital arts and humanities

8. joulukuu 2016

In the Digital Research Infrastructure for Arts and Humanities, it is possible to influence through working groups.


EEG reveals information essential to users

8. joulukuu 2016

For the first time, information retrieval is possible with the help of EEG interpreted with machine learning.

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The endless possibilities of digitalisation

2. joulukuu 2016

Recordings of the eight Internet Forum public lecture series of autumn 2016 lectures are available for viewing.

Science and art

WarSampo nominated for cultural heritage prize

30. marraskuu 2016

The European Union Prizes for Cultural Heritage will be awarded by Plácido Domingo in May 2017 in Turku.


  • WarSampo
  • #finland100
  • finland100

Getting to know technologies of future knowledge work

24. marraskuu 2016

The Academic Initiative programme makes IBM’s technologies and course materials available to teaching and research at the university for free.

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  • academic_initiative
  • knowledge_work

Development of digitalisation motivates research in the field

17. marraskuu 2016

Technologies that enable digitalisation will be on show in Helsinki in August.

Science and art

Ways to participate in game theory experiments aiming to create a simulator of human behavior

15. marraskuu 2016

The aim of the vast pioneering study is to apply the simulation to a robot or recreate the actions of large groups of people.


  • Horizon_2020

Lauri Kokkila was awarded as the top student of Data Visualisation course at the University of Auckland

10. marraskuu 2016

Professor Michael D. Myers wanted to hand over the diploma himself.


  • information_networks
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