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The department of Computer Science has a long tradition of co-operation with the surrounding society and the business world. As a part of Aalto University we offer multiple forms of co-operation to companies, communities and alumni.

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Picture: AI Day Finland 2017 in Dipoli, Aalto University Main Building.


The department cooperates with industry in all the important research areas including artificial intelligence,  data science, data security, digital health and industrial internet. Being the largest Computer Science educational unit in Finland we offer multiple opportunities for collaborating industry.





Our Alumni and Corporate Relations team coordinates, maintains and supports the co-operation:


Mirella Lähteenmäki
Head of Partnerships Services

mirella.lahteenmaki [at] aalto [dot] fi
tel. +358 40 353 8341

Terhi Kajaste

Corporate Relations
terhi.kajaste [at] aalto [dot] fi
tel. +358 50 327 5299

Riitta Kontio

Career and Employer Services
riitta.kontio [at] aalto [dot] fi
tel. +358 50 550 2066




Aalto Digi Platform


Aalto Digi Platform is chartered to innovate, initiate and increase digitalization related cooperation broadly inside Aalto and with its industrial and academic partners. Digi Platform is a gateway between Aalto University and companies.

Read more at Aalto Digi Platform website 

Contact Digi Platform Manager Krisztina Cziner, Dr.Sc.: krisztina.cziner [at] aalto [dot] fi





Aalto Digi Matchmaking Event is an annual event where experts from Aalto University and industry meet to discuss the hottest research topics, opportunities and innovations in computer science. You can read about the latest Aalto Digi Matchmaking Event 2017 here.

Follow the Computer Science event calendar to stay tuned for coming events or contact digi [at] aalto [dot] fi



Case examples


The Department of Computer Science has hosted several research projects that were successfully commercialized, such as following:

Augmented Climbing Wall


Spaceify Oy



Projects with our students


The department has also collaboration with companies in the student projects. We have included here some ideas and case studies:


Design Project

The aim of the Design Project course is new business discovery. The teams discover and develop new business ideas and opportunities within the theme's scope. The partners get 6-8 deeply researched service ideas with a given business domain. READ MORE>>



Sponsor can suggest optional challenge problems and collaborate with the department to define the exact problem statement, also selectively including the possibility for sponsor-side-developed automated exercises for deployment on course infrastructure. READ MORE>>


Programming parallel computers

Our partners can suggest optional exercise problems, define the exact problem statement and turn it into an optional exercise problem that our students can solve. READ MORE>>


Software project courses

On the Software Project course, teams of 7-9 students develop a software system for real clients using the Scrum process framework. READ MORE>>




Advertise on Aalto CareerWeb


Thousands of different adverts (jobs, internships, thesis assignments) are published annually from different employers. The CareerWeb is restricted only for students at Aalto University, which is why it is highly appreciated by our students and an excellent channel to reach them. For example according to the latest student survey in School of Business (March 2015) 92 % of their students use CareerWeb.

Advertising your open vacancies in Aalto CareerWeb is free of charge. Please see the terms of publishing and guidelines for employers before posting your advert.




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